Tom is the band’s lead vocalist and has been with Planet 80 for nearly 4 years. Tom has previous experience with other bands as well as a solo act. Tom loves 80’s music and has a passion for entertainment which he brings to the stage..

As keyboard player and backing vocalist Mike comes from a musical family. His grandfather was a highly regarded folk musician and his brother trained as a concert pianist. Unfortunately, Mike has never had any music lessons and it’s a miracle he can play at all. He has being playing keyboards in 80s cover bands since the 80s; mostly along side Nick (the guitarist in Planet 80). He was playing in pubs and clubs when some of the songs in the set were ‘in the charts’.
Recently retired from his day job, Mike works on new musical arrangements for the band.

Nick has been doing lead guitar and vocals for Planet 80 since they were formed and has previously been in bands covering a ranges of genres playing across the whole of the UK. When he’s not performing with Planet 80, Nick is also one of the UK’s leading solo David Bowie tribute acts!

Ian has been the bassist and backing vocalist for Planet 80 since day one. As well as a passion for ferrets and yoghurt making, Ian also occasionally plays lead guitar for the band Lucid Skies.

Steve discovered his passion for drums at the age of 11. He loves his 80s and especially 80s Rock! In his teens he played drums in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” and cheekily managed to incorporate some Iron Maiden drum beats into the music, No one ever knew! Steve joined Planet 80 in 2016 and is known for his understated fashion sense 😉 and addiction to what he terms “technolust”, the desire to incorporate as much technology as possible into every Planet 80 Show!

Jeff took over as the sound engineer and general problem solver for the band in 2019. No stranger to the stage, Jeff has been a performing singer, musician and has played numerous roles on stage in amateur theatre and musicals. These days however, he is far more at home with the backstage tech unless he’s DJ’ing in the gaps between sets… Most of the time though, you’ll find him at the back of the room driving the sound desk and making sure the audience hears the band in the way they are meant be heard.

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